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An accurate translation is of the greatest importance, especially if you are doing business abroad. After all, optimal communication is a key to success.

We provide translations for  the business community, public bodies, service providers and private individuals. We use only the most highly qualified professional translators, and in most cases these are ‘native speakers’, translators who have the same mother tongue as the target language. For each assignment we assess which translator has the most expertise in relation to the specific subject area of the translation. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of fields, for instance in the provision of technical reports, judicial documents, management reports, texts for websites, ICT manuals, and cultural and marketing texts.

We deliver translations in almost any language requested. You will find a summary of the languages we work with under the heading “Languages”. We can also take care of all your sworn translations.

Our translation services are always tailormade. This means that we place great importance on building up an optimal relationship with you, the customer, in order to understand your particular requirements. The benefit of being a regular customer is that for new jobs we can usually charter the same translator for you. In this way we can guarantee consistency of terminology.

A ‘regular’ translator for our ‘regular’ customers!