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How we do things

The first step in the translation process is determining the sort of translation you want, the target group for the translated document, and any further details and specific requirements. These can include the scope of the assignment, the terminology to be used, and the desired deadline.

The next step is delivering the text to us, preferably electronically (this is the most efficient method). We will then review the text, and send you our quotation by return mail. If you have access to reference materials or terminology lists pertaining to the text in question, it would be helpful if we could deploy these as basis for your translation. We can then use our translation tools (such as Trados) to construct a translation memory exclusively for you, in order to provide optimal consistency of the terminology in the translated document. If the text contains many repetitions of terms or expressions, the use of translation tools can result in attractive savings for you on the total cost of the job.

If you have a document that has already been translated, but you have doubts about its quality, we can assess the translation for you and provide editing where necessary, on the basis of an hourly rate.

As soon as we have received the assignment from you, we will immediately set to work on the process of providing you with a swift and accurate translation.

With us, a long-standing working relationship is the rule rather than the exception.